I have had a couple of kidney stones in my life. One of them very bearable. The other quite painful for me, but from those who I’ve talked to I got away pretty easy. I was in a position with my first one, that happened around 2008, where I was in close contact with a urologist as a friend, not as a physician. He talked me through what to do that day on the phone and it helped tremendously.

I wanted to be able to give back that great advice, and dispel some myths, as I’ve had many people in my life go through this and have bad advice or not realize what is happening and spend tons of cash getting professional advice that they may not need.

I’m not a doctor or even in the health field. I am just here to help people identify this particular ailment, help manage the pain during the bad times. If you want a second opinion, go see a doctor.


I’m Ron. This is what I look like when I’m not passing a kidney stone.