Motivational Tips to Keep Up with Kidney Stone Prevention

Kidney stone prevention is important to remember when you have passed them during the past. You probably realized that you never want to have to deal with them again as they are painful. Anyone who has gone through the experience before will eventually have another stone formation. Following tips and strategies can reduce those odds significantly. 

Keep Your Body Hydrated
An effective solution to avoid kidney stones is to drink plenty of water each day. Water helps dilute the urine to reduce crystallization. Your urine should never be a dark color because it means you’re becoming dehydrated. Make sure to drink up to 10 glasses of water a day. 

Some people can’t drink this much water. Orange juice and lemonade contain citrate that helps with preventing stone formation. It tastes great and is another way to keep your body hydrated. The more liquids you drink will help your kidneys and urinary tract remain healthy. 

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine
Drinking a lot of caffeine can increase the risks of developing kidney stones. Caffeine in coffee, colas, and teas leads to dehydration. It causes you to urinate more often, especially if you drink large amounts of it. 

The same thing happens with alcohol consumption. Large amounts of alcohol remove water that your body requires to function normally. As a result, you become dehydrated and could lose weight from drinking. It will make kidney stone formation more likely. 

Eat More Citrus Fruit
Consuming more citrus fruit is an excellent way to avoid kidney stone formation. Mixing four ounces of lemon juice in a two-liter container of water for drinking can reduce the chances of developing stones. This is known as lemon therapy. The high amount of citrate in lemons is the reason it works. Other citrus fruits will help but have lower amounts of citrate. Eating fresh citrus fruit is another good option to aid in the prevention of stone formation. 

Reduce or Limit Salt Intake
Consuming a lot of salt causes calcium kidney stone formation. High amounts of salt in urine prevent salt from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. The calcium forms deposits that clog together into stones.  

Reducing salt helps keep calcium levels in your urine low. You reduce your odds of developing another kidney stone. A teaspoon of salt is all that is recommended to reduce kidney stones. Always read labels on foods you eat to avoid high levels of salt in your diet. 

Watch Those Supplements
Some vitamins are great for preventing stone formation. Vitamin B-6 and fish oil supplements help reduce stone formation from occurring. Vitamin-C can cause stones to form in the kidneys. Men are at risk of developing stones from taking more vitamin-C tablets than needed. Medical professionals suggest getting the daily requirement of the vitamin by consuming oranges and other fruits.  

Cut Meat Consumption
Uric acid stones occur in those who consume a lot of red meat. It has a large concentration of a chemical compound known as purines. A higher amount of uric acid is more difficult for the kidneys to flush out of the urinary tract. Large amounts of purines in the urine cause more uric acid to form in the urinary tract. You can reduce the chances of developing uric acid stones by avoiding red meats when possible. 

Physical Activity Can Help
Exercise can help your body avoid kidney stone formation. New studies have been positive about how physical activity helps keep the urinary tract and kidneys free of infections and stone formation. One thing about exercise is that it requires the need to replenish fluids lost through physical activity. Hop on that bicycle or go for that walk because it will only help you avoid kidney stone formation.