Quick Advice on Passing a Kidney Stone

If you are CERTAIN that you have a kidney stone, here is some quick advice for you to get through it and what to expect. If you are not certain, read the other pages on this site to find out.

What’s Happening?

Your kidneys are fine filter organs that are used to processing fluids. Now you have put a jagged rock into its vessels and it’s painful. It hurts to move and hurts when it moves. That is where the pain is coming from. In order to achieve relief, you need to get this out of your kidney and into your bladder.


Everything is moving downstream so in time, it will happen. If you want to speed it up (and who wouldn’t?) and reduce pain (again, who wouldn’t?), you need to keep your kidneys full of fluids and reduce as much irritation in their vessels. You do this by two things:

1) Take as much of your preferred NSAID as possible, but I would recommend Advil.

2)┬áDrink as much fluid as possible. Water is the best. If you can’t stomach that, lemonade. Not coffee, not soda. And just drown yourself.

The advil will reduce swelling in the vessels. The water will build pressure behind and force everything open and push that stone to your bladder.

The more you are peeing, the closer the stone moves to being out of your body.

Then What?

You may not feel it drop into your bladder. You will feel the release of pain. Once in your bladder, depending on the size, you might feel it pass through you. A slight irritation on the way out. Over in a second. If the stone is HUGE, and bear in mind, everyone thinks they are passing an engagement diamond, then you might have trouble passing from there and need medical intervention. This isn’t rare, but it also isn’t frequent.

You might see a little blood in your urine from scraping through. That is normal. If you feel like you have more than a tinge, consult a doctor.